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  • Why are there different varieties of honey?
    Honey bees gather nectar from flowers and concentrate it into honey.  Just as each different kind of flower has its own scent, so its nectar gives a distinctive flavor and color to the honey that the bees produce.
    A mixture of several different nectar types is called "wildflower" and is highly variable from place to place and season to season.  A single source of nectar yields a distinctly recognizable honey that should be the same wherever the source plant grows and blooms.  For example, blossoms from the black locust tree give a light, delicate honey, while the basswood (or linden) tree provides us a golden honey with a surprising afternote of  lemon.
  • When crystals form in the honey, is it spoiled?   Should I throw it out?
The crystals that form in honey are just sugar, not anything bad.  If you put the jar into warm water (no hotter than 110 degrees) , the honey will re-liquefy.  You may have to heat the water bath several times, but be patient.   Don't microwave it.--That can overheat it in spots and spoil its flavor.

We'll continue to add information to this page.  Be sure to stop back often.

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