Pollen-laden honey bee flying toward apple blossom

Beekeeping Classes
& Slide Talks

Entertaining presentations taught by
Master Beekeeper and Photographer
Steve McDaniel

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Presentations and Slide Talks

Topics for general audiences:

More detailed talks for beekeepers:

  • Inside the World of the Honey Bee
           All the basics about bees
  • The Secret Lives of Bees
           An Intimate Look at an Amazing Insect
  • How Bees Make Honey
  • Producing Practically Perfect Honey and Beeswax
  • Love is in the Air:  Plants and their Pollinators
  • Keeping Your Bees Alive
  • Saving the Bees
           What you can do to help these valuable creatures
  • Catching the Impossible Swarm
  • Getting Started in Beekeeping
          Why raise stinging insects?
  • The Business of Beekeeping
  • Wildflowers of Maryland
  • Close-up Honey Bee Photography
  • Maryland's Scenic Beauty
  • Not Just Wildflower Honey 
           Identifying Premium Flavors
  • Global Warming -- What can you believe?
           Climate change from the perspective
           of a nature photographer and beekeeper
  • Digital Nature Photography
  • The Joy of Beekeeping
           How  bees help you get in touch
           with nature and yourself
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