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Since honey bees became a part of the family in 1979, we at McDaniel Honey Farm have taken pride in providing pure, natural, raw and unprocessed honey as well as quality products made from beeswax.

Our quality raw honey is as pure and natural as the bees make it.  Our honey is uncooked and unfiltered, as these processes remove the pollen and enzymes that make natural honey the special product it is.
Raw honey has the luscious flavor of the flowers it is made from and retains its healthful properties.

We label our honey as to nectar source (basswood, black locust, etc.) or to identify our special blends such as Spring Sonata, Summer Symphony, and Special Dark.  Our comb honey, taken straight from the beehive and still in the honeycomb as the bees made it, is a rare treat and available in very limited quantities.

We harvest the bees' wax and make hand-dipped tapers and molded decorative candles from it.  We also provide beeswax in small blocks and pellets for arts and crafts projects and many other uses.

Our Beekeeper's Bride natural cosmetics--beeswax hand cream and lip balm--are made with care in our own kitchen. They contain no preservatives or artificial coloring and they are never tested on animals. Our soothing hand cream works on any dry skin--on hands, feet, elbows, knees--anywhere. And because it is so rich, you use only a little, so it's very economical, too!
Steve McDaniel is also a very entertaining speaker and gives classes and slide talks using his own award-winning photography.  His images are also featured in several of the books we offer.

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